10 Jahre Nüx


10 Jahre sind seit den Anschlägen vom 11. September vergangen. Anschläge, die von Terroristen verübt worden sind.

Was haben die Infokinder, selbsternannten Retter – im Kontrast zu den wirklichen Rettern, wie Beneschs Cousin, der von Benesch schamlos missbraucht wird – geleistet? Was haben sie erreicht? Nichts. Nüx.

35 Antworten to “10 Jahre Nüx”

  1. karl Says:

    try to debunk this:

    • mrbaracuda Says:

      No need. Boring as hell as well.

      • karl Says:

        then look for the definition of ‚ignorance‘ in one of your books, brainbug. This documentary could be the end of your little fetish-blog… I say: It’s the truth – prove the opposite. If you’re able to debunk it, then you’re really what you pretend to be, smarty… common… Are you that weak after 10 years of fighting chosen enemies with your ineffectual nonsense blog?!…boooring – if you quit before fighting, baracuda…

      • mrbaracuda Says:

        Unlike you I have no time for your bullshit. Anyway, here’s the deal: You and your „truth“ are being laughed at by most of the other truther idiots. CIT never garnered any interest outside of even the fringe of the fringe because it’s even more far fetched than the usual bullshit.

        I never fought anyone, I do what’s right and proper: Make fun of your idiocy.

      • Pablo Says:

        Nicht in der Lage, auf deutsch zu schreiben, kann aber den Bloginhalt bewerten. Interessant.

      • karl Says:

        Where’s the deal?!… You only make deals with your own hate-speach-ego…you’re funny baracuda! Your blog makes more&more sense…but stays boring.
        & what exacly is far fetched on this one? Let me know…

        Pablo, I’m able to read the german language quite well… my german writing is terrible… Not that interesting…

      • Pablo Says:

        Es trifft mich wirklich ins Mark, dass du meinen Kommentar nicht interessant findest.

      • karl Says:

        There you got me… what you mean by saying ‚trifft mich wirklich ins Mark‘?… I’m really hitting you where?…

      • Pablo Says:

        bone marrow

      • karl Says:

        P: okay, I think I know what you mean… sorry for hitting your bone marrow…sounds brutal…you’re ok?…

    • Strawman Says:

      You gotta be CITting me. Even most other truthers have recognized CIT for the airheads they are.

      But this is the internet. There’s always an idiot dumb enough not to get it.

      • karl Says:

        Please show me ‚most other truthers‘ and what they say about it….I’m interested…

      • Strawman Says:

        Ok, how about we start with Mr. Richard Gage, founder of AE911Truth, and one of the more famous nuts in 911 truths bottomless nutbowl?


        Admittedly, though, David Ray Griffin endorses them. Or maybe: endorses them when fit. Griffin is well known for changing his „truth“ tune like a newborn’s diaper. Though, to make that metaphor fit, the baby would at times find itself with diapers full of old shit.


        Also, note that the article takes issue with truthers attacking CIT. They are, at the very least, divisive within the nutter movement.

      • karl Says:

        Great, thanks for posting… that’s constructive. I missed that concrete statements.
        You could definitely let your deadlocked bigheaded opinion out…but I think that could conflict the kind of acting in this blog…
        My big question is – what you’re doing here?! Why don’t you handle these heated controversies (9/11 especially) with objectivity? And baracuda: I’m not that what you want me to be – one of your favourite enemies… a ‚truther‘. I’m aware of these guys/blogs which you’re attacking with your blog… I disagree with most of them – what they say & how they say. I’m not them…but that doesn’t mean that I’m not sharing views with them. I’m not your idiot!
        I know what not happened on 9/11 and I have a extraspecial relationship to this day… It makes me angry how you handle thing in here in such a autocratic way… you guys must be full of hate… what i think is the motivation in here.
        I could tell my story later… but I think you guys are not even interesting in anything which asks questions on official stories… that’s why I called it boring & useless…

      • mrbaracuda Says:

        I’m not your idiot!

        Yet you post CIT and ask me to comment on it, so whatever.

      • mrbhater Says:

        Ich kann nur sagen: Gott, seid ihr Hausschweinchen wieder albern!
        „Oh Lord, you´re Houspigs/hogs are very absurd at time!

      • Pablo Says:

        Wow, mrbhater, bist du der Mastermind hinter Google Translate?

      • mrbhater Says:

        War ja wieder klar, das ich wieder nur Häme bekomme für mein Bachelor Englisch😦😥

      • Pablo Says:

        Häme? I am in awe. Du bist ein echtes Talentballungsgebiet.

      • mrbhater Says:

        Ja Häme, oder auch Spott!
        Und jetzt lass mich weiter schnattern, ich habe hier n´ leckeres Fondue^^

      • Pablo Says:

        Französisch kann er auch noch. Unglaublich.

      • mrbhater Says:

        Ich kann sogar sehr gut Französisch, aber das wirst DU nie genießen du Trottel ^ö^

      • Pablo Says:

        Aufgewachter Wahrheitskenner, Fremdsprachenexperte, Sexgott, Meister des Wortwitzes… ein Hunderttausendsassa. Ich bin sprachlos.

      • mrbhater Says:

        Don´t worry! Du/Ihr könnt ja auch was! Nämlich den Büttel für die NWO spielen und sich als Hausschweinchen in eurer Sebstgefälligkeit wälzen😉

      • Strawman Says:

        Guys, get a room.

    • rattazong Says:

      Only 85 minutes! Yawn. And what should I do after dinner?

  2. Zufaller Says:

    sie haben erreicht, dass viele Leute kritisch geworden sind. krütisch.

  3. tengsinfo Says:

    Interessantes Material über die Proteste am 11.09.2011 in New York. Ganz schön fertig das Movement, Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas und Luke Rudkowski kommen auch zu Wort😀

    Der erste Teil beginnt etwas lahm

  4. brain Says:

    naja .. zumindest haben sie erreicht, dass ihr es für nötig haltet contra zu geben !
    respekt für die tolle arbeit die ihr hier ganz selbstlos leistet !

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