Die bösen Massenmedien


Then there are the bloggers.

In return for their free content, we pretty much get what we’ve paid for – something of such limited intellectual value as to be barely discernible from massive ignorance. […]

As Robert Thomsen of The Wall Street Journal says: “the blogs and comment sites are basically editorial echo chambers rather than centres of

“and their cynicism about so-called traditional media is only matched by their opportunism in exploiting it”

– John Hartigan

Ich hab die Schnauze voll von den Medien. Weil sie mich den ganzen Tag belügen.


Heute wohl nicht, was Freakman? Man vergleiche diesen Erguss Freakmans (am Ende; der vorherige Text is schlicht vom Guardian übersetzt übernommen) mit diesem schönen Artikel in der Onlineausgabe des Spiegels.

Like Keating’s famous “all tip and no iceberg”, it could be said that the blogosphere is all eyeballs and no insight. […]

Many of these sites and bloggers say their radical new approach is a modern form of participatory democracy.

But as Andrew Keen says, amateur journalism trivialises and corrupts serious debate – it degenerates democracy into mob rule and rumour milling.


Eine Antwort to “Die bösen Massenmedien”

  1. nexuspp Says:

    Freeman aka Failman belügt mich den ganzen Tag ? 😉

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