Vaccinations brutally enforced


Or not:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama encouraged all Americans Tuesday to take „common-sense“ steps in preparation for an expected resurgence in the H1N1 virus this fall. […]

Vaccinations will be voluntary but „strongly recommended,“ Obama said.

And that’s that. No enforced mass vaccination, no genocidal agenda, no police state, no „NWO“. Epic twoofer fail.


7 Antworten to “Vaccinations brutally enforced”

  1. virtualvictims Says:

    Noe PRopleM. 😉

  2. mrbaracuda Says:

    Ich werd noch zum Rechtschreib- und Grammatiknazi bei dir, vv. 😀

  3. virtualvictims Says:

    „I think the Virus is more interested in killing you than the government is…“


  4. mrbaracuda Says:

    Pasteurized milk drinkers, LoL.

  5. Strawman Says:


  6. Idiocy Crusher 1 Says:

    Also wieder keine kostenlosen RFID Chips für uns. Dumm gelaufen und zu früh gefreut.

  7. virtualvictims Says:

    No forced flu shots?
    Damn, but we need the money from the NW… argh WHO.

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