Run to the hills, run for your lives.


I swear I have to mentally recover from reading this piece of shit. It’s way out there. And I mean way out there. And it was too tempting to catch up on the latest woo.

If you still have trouble believing this, then ask yourself a question: What is the New World Order waiting for in killing billions? They’ve had super technology to kill as many of us as they want to for decades.

Yes, tell us honourable chairman of the, what is the New World Order waiting for instead of enslaving and killing us all right now as you have been predicting every other day for almost a decade now?

They are building up our numbers in order to slaughter us, because the slaughter itself is their art, their high, just like the ancient hallucinatory ballgame (the ‘pitzlawal’, as it’s called by the Maya) of death-entertainment was for the Mayan shaman kings, a little like the ancient Roman gladiator fights, and a lot like the carnage in Iraq. What is beautiful to the New World Order is a world of deformed, sickened, ultra-violent, unintelligent desperate people, like the Island of Dr. Moreau. That’s the religious festival of the New World Order

Oh no chairman, that is horrible! What can we do, what can we do, honourable chairman of the

If we want to be free, to be kings of ourselves, we have to realize this, to know the enemy as best we can, or else we will just go along the pitzlawal we are all currently caught in. The way to be kings of ourselves is to become intelligent, knowledgeable, deeply and genuinely religious, and self-sufficient in the way the Indians used to be […]

Uh, yeah. Right, right. I really like that part about becoming intelligent and knowledgable and then, almost right after that, the part about being deeply and genuinely.. wait a second, religious? Yeeah.. Riight..


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