Presidential Wisdom


“This one thing,” said Obama. “You have to be right about it, though. Otherwise. . . . ”

“Clinton, he didn’t have any focus,” continued W. “Billy walks down the cafeteria line and needs a half dozen trays to hold it all, not just because of his appetite, but because he can’t stand to let a choice pass. He wants every entree, every vegetable. He wants the Jell-O mold and the pecan pie and the devil’s food cake, too. Nice thing about being him, though, you don’t get hated much, and those that do hate you, after a while they forget why. Me, they’re people on their deathbed made sure they voted absentee against me.”

“What if you’re wrong about that one thing?” persisted Obama.



Eine Antwort to “Presidential Wisdom”

  1. mrbaracuda Says:

    Was gibt es daran auszusetzen?

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