His supporters aside, I am now convinced that Ron Paul, whatever his beliefs, is truly no different from any other politician. If he truly believes that the US elections are rigged, that the outcome is pre-determined by „them“, and that the losing candidates are all, in fact, „back-up“ candidates placed by the same „them“ in case „their“ main candidate loses (even though that can’t happen, because „they“ control the election), this leaves the question:

Why did Ron Paul bother running at all? Why did Ron Paul take – nay, ALLOW his supporters to give tens of MILLIONS of dollars to him, if he knew he could not possibly win? What is he doing with all his campaign money now, I wonder?

I’m sorry, but that’s all money that his followers could have spent on more important things, like food, medicine, gasoline, or guns and ammunition to repel the reptilian shapeshifting kitten-eating rulers of the Earth when they try to take over the US even though they already completely control it.


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